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About the Philippines

philippine archipelagoThe Philippines, is an archipelago located in Southeast Asia with Manila as its capital city. The country comprises 7,107 islands in the western Pacific Ocean.

The Philippines is rich with a myriad of different amalgamated cultures and influences. The superficial face of modern Filipino culture has many more influences from the Western world than other nearby Asian cultures. Most of these influences are a product of previous colonization and derived mainly from the cultures of Spain and the United States, with a secondary influence from Latin American cultures who were under Spain during the same period the Philippines was.

Despite the visual Western and Hispanic influences, the older Asian aspects of Filipino culture are seen through the strength of filial piety, family and its influence, emphasis on the group before the individual, the concept of maintaining social harmony, ancient cultural beliefs and mythology, the complexities of local psychology (such as hiya or shame and the concept of saving face), and accepted social etiquette between other Filipinos. Within Asia, this Western-Eastern juxtaposition is most seen in the Philippines, and continues to fascinate many a guest to the country.

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