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Enchanted River - A Magical Attraction in Surigao del Sur, Mindanao

Enchanted River - A Magical Attraction in Surigao del Sur, MindanaoLocated in Barangay Cambatong in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur is a river so inexplicably beautiful it was named Enchanted, as if insinuating that fairies, pixies and other magical beings joined forces to create such an other-worldly paradise. Tourists who have been lucky enough to have gone to and seen the Enchanted River for themselves couldn't agree more. It is indeed a place so captivating you wouldn't want to leave.

Enduring the long commute through rough roads to reach this natural attraction is well worth it. Nestled within ravines with natural rock formations and lush vegetation, the Hinatuan Enchanted River's pristine blue-green waters is a sight to behold! The river is so gloriously inviting that whoever sees it would want to immediately take a plunge in its 80-meter deep waters!

Once in its clear and refreshingly cold waters, visitors are greeted by fascinating fishes which freely swim with their human visitors. The water is so clean and clear that swimmers don't need goggles to appreciate the beauty of the river's colorful residents.

At around noon, caretakers of the river will ring a bell signaling bathers to get out of the water so they can feed the fishes. The feeding frenzy is an attraction in itself. Watching hundreds of these finned creatures come out of no where to get their lunch and then disappear into the deep once they had enough is simply amazing!

The local government who is managing the site has built concrete staircases to make it easier and safer for tourists to reach the river. An entrance fee of P20 is charged for every guest while cottages are available for rent at P100 each. Life jackets can be rented out at P100 for a whole day. There are also a children's and adult pools available.

The caretakers are doing a very good job in keeping the entire area spic and span. We hope that visitors will also do their share in keeping the Enchanted River in its pristine condition by leaving nothing behind but footprints.

At 5 p.m. everyday, this natural attraction is closed down and overnight visitors are night allowed. This rule has sparked speculations that an old tale about the river could be true. According to a story, the spirits and supernatural creatures who are guarding the place come after dark and stay throughout the night.

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