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Romblon - More than just the 'Marble Capital' of the Philippines

romblon - idyllic beachesAside from being called the "Marble Capital of the Philippines," because of its prolific marble industry, Romblon's twenty islands are also compared to Europe's Mediterranean islands because of its rustic and unspoiled beauty.

Having been under Spanish colonial rule for hundred of years, Romblon boasts of a rich cultural heritage that can be seen in its numerous Spanish era forts, churches and old houses. The Ronbloanons are known for being warm, hospitable, hardworking, religious and education-oriented.

Furthermore, Romblon is blessed with a bevy of natural attractions such as the Mt. Guiting-guiting on Sibuyan Island which attracts mountain climbers from all parts of the Philippines and the world. With a height of 2,058 meters and an extremely jagged terrain, Mt. Guiting-Guiting offers a formidable challenge to mountaineers.

Romblon's amazing natural wonders continues on its crystal-clear rivers and waterfalls, caves, and palm-fringed beaches covered in fine white sand. The waters of Romblon also teem with vibrantly colored marine life making it a most sought after dive site.



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