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Sorsogon - Home of Butandings

sorsogon - bulusan lakeSorsogon is a province in the Bicol Region. It is the southernmost province in Luzon and has fourteen municipalities (towns) and one city. Its capital is Sorsogon City (formerly the towns of Sorsogon and Bacon) and borders the province of Albay to the north. Sorsogon is at the tip of the Bicol Peninsula and faces the island of Samar to the southeast across the San Bernardino Strait and Ticao Island to the southwest.

Tourist Attractions:

Rizal Beach
This secluded palm tree-fringed beach is an ideal place for boating, swimming and other beach activities. There are numerous resorts offering cottages for rent and accommodations. Fruit orchards nearby provide the needs of the travelers and vacationists.

sorsogon - rizal beach
Bulusan Lake
Dubbed as "Switzerland of the Orient," Bulusan Lake lies at the heart of Bulusan Volcano National Park. The lake was formed by tectonic damming and perhaps another crater of a volcano. Despite its water's greenish color and rocky waterbed, Lake Bulusan is a popular tourist attraction because of its beauty.
Mount Bulusan
Mount Bulusan is an active volcano which have been declared as a province’s National Park. Its highest peak is at 5,077 feet above sea level. It is teeming with vegetation: about a hundred different kinds of trees, species of shrubs, vines, giant ferns, rare orchids and other forms of flowers grow and adorn the slopes of this enchanting volcano.  In this sprawling greenery, very rare species of plants also abound in the heart of the National Park which covers a land area of 3,672 hectares.

sorsogon - mount  bulusan
Barcelona Church
One of the oldest catholic churches in the Philippines, Barcelona Church was built in 1874 using coral reefs. The carvings on the coral reef façade makes the church a one-of-a-kind structure.

sorsogon - barcelona church
Irosin Church
Precariously perched on top of a hill, the Irosin Church dominates other buildings in the town of Irosin. The church's location provides a magnificent panoramic view of the town below and the towering Bulusan Volcano.

sorsogon - irosin church

The town of Donsol has become a popular tourist destination for Butanding (whale shark watching) which can be seen in its bordering seas. The gentle giants can be seen between November and June, with presence peaking between February and May.sorsogon -butanding

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